relative binding in imported view

I have two portlets(PortletA and PortletB) that must both include a common view (CommonView.view) using the Import View control.
In the CommonView.view I want that the binding for the value of a field is made relative to the parent portlet (lets say that the filed shows Task Type Tame).

I have tried using activePageBean in order to reference the value relative to the parent, but I also have to specify the portlet name in the biding:


How could I make a generic binding no matter of the portlet that includes my common view?


Hi Vlad,
You have 2 portlets, Portlet A, Portlet B.
You are importing a view CommonView.View into these portlets using the import view control and you want to set the input text say, with the value from either of these portlets depending on from where the view is opened.

If this is what you want to achieve, then create a preference in the portlet which has CommonView.View. Set this preference value in the Import View control–>Control Params.

Please let me know if this is not what you want to do!

Hi Sravan.

Our implementation was to have an abstract parent class for PortletA and PortletB, and define there all the common properties.

The solution with control params also works, but it was not suited in our case.


another option would be to use Control Parameters in your Import View control. It would look like:

  • CommonView
    • Create a property named: localTaskTypeName (of the same type as the properties in your Portlet A and B)
  • Portlet A
    • Add a Control Parameter (from the Properties → General tab)
    • Double click in the Control Parameter and give:
      • Name=localTaskTypeName
      • Type=

Maybe this works as you expect it.
Best regards,

The problem has been solved, both solutions (abstract parent class and import view + control params) work as expected.

Thanks for your support,

Hi Vlad,

i’m having the same problem, can you post a simple project using control parameters ?