Creating Page with Existing Portlet

I’m trying to create a page using an existing portlet call “WebMethods Process Analytics --> Process Model”. The following error appears

  1. Failed to evaluate binding expression: “#{processModelPageBean.getVolumeMonitorIdBean.result}”

  2. Failed to evaluate binding expression: “#{processModelPageBean.getVelocityMonitorIdBean.result}”

3.Failed to evaluate binding expression: “#{processModelPageBean.getErrorMonitorIdBean.result}”

On the properties I set the following:

  1. Process Model ID == Mapfre/ClaimsMacro
  2. Refresh Interval == 6600

What can be missing?


you may be missing the wiring to the property “Rule WSDL URL”, which has to be set to “My webMethods Config” (without setting anything in the Property part).

Hope this helps,


I’m unable to find the wiring portlet “My webMethods Config

In the wiring dropdown for Rule WSDL URL, select “Other”, and in the opening window, navigate to

Folder -> System -> Portlets -> My webMethods - Application Configuration

and there you can select the "My webMethods Config portlet.



The wiring won’t be saved if I don’t set anything in the property part.

Thanks for all the help.

Sorry, I did not notice that.
What I ususally do in such a case is copy & paste the portlet I want to use. Then you will have to remove the wiring for the process model Id, but it will keep the wiring for the Rule WSDL Url, which is what you need.

hope this helps

p.s.: since the portlet is in a page inside the monitoring folder, you probably want to use the option ?layout=details in the URL to be able to show the page contents and their tools menu.

i want to store the alias of a portlet to the preference of another portlet.
in particular i have two portlets, Portlet A and Portlet B. I need to store the alias of the portlet a into the preference of the Portlet A. So i can refresh the portlet B from portlet A withot knowing the alias of Portlet B.

Can anybody help me ?