REINPUT fails with NAT1132 under CICS Link3270 Bridge

I am using the CICS Link3270 Bridge to perform robotic operation of a CICS/NATURAL application. (My only access to the CICS/NATURAL application is via its 3270 UI).It mostly works very well - via the bridge I am able to capture the 3270 output streams, and provide the required 3270 input streams.

Unfortunately, there is one problem: the underlying NATURAL application throws a NAT1132 error when a program executes a REINPUT statement without the FULL option. The problem does not occur when the FULL option is present. The text of the error message is: NAT1132 Line size mismatch in IOPATTR buffer at offset nnnnnnn.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

A question about your problem. In your REINPUT statements that have not worked do you have an explicit or implicit error message? As in REINPUT ‘this is an error’ .
Do you have any MARK FIELD options?

I am sure you probably know the difference between REINPUT and REINPUT FULL, but I am equally sure that not everyone understands the difference.

An INPUT statement generates code that is basically in three parts.

  1. Draws the screen

  2. Handles error messages and the cursor

  3. Reads the screen

REINPUT FULL creates a totally new screen; that is, it returns to the start of step 1) (re-executes INPUT).

By contrast, REINPUT does not re-execute an INPUT statement; it returns to step 2). I have not looked recently, but it used to be the case that the Natural documentation said REINPUT returns to and re-executes an INPUT statement. This was incorrect and confused many programmers.

I am guessing that perhaps the Bridge expects only complete screens.

Without the environment you have, I cannot really test at all.

If you have error messages, could you try a REINPUT without any error messages or MARKs?

Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your reply.

In answer to your questions: my REINPUT statement does have an error message, but does not have the MARK option.

I have been able to reproduce the problem using the simple NATURAL program listed below. (Full disclosure: I am an experienced CICS COBOL programmer, but my knowledge of NATURAL is limited to what I have read in the manuals).

0010 DEFINE DATA                                 
0020 LOCAL                                       
0030   1 #PARTNUMBER       (A06) INIT <"000000"> 
0040   1 #PARTNAME         (A20)                 
0050 END-DEFINE                                  
0060 *                                           
0070 RP1. REPEAT                                 
0080 *                                           
0090 INPUT (AD=MT)                               
0100   "GREG1" /                                 
0110   "Part Number:" #PARTNUMBER /              
0120   "Part Name  :" #PARTNAME                  
0130 *                                           
0140 DECIDE FOR FIRST CONDITION                  
0150   WHEN #PARTNUMBER = '.'                    
0160     ESCAPE BOTTOM (RP1.)                    
0170   WHEN #PARTNUMBER = '000001'               
0180     MOVE 'WINDSCREEN'    TO #PARTNAME       
0190   WHEN #PARTNUMBER = '000002'               
0200     MOVE 'HEADLIGHT'     TO #PARTNAME       
0210   WHEN #PARTNUMBER = '000003'               
0220     MOVE 'HUBCAP'        TO #PARTNAME       
0230   WHEN NONE                                 
0240     MOVE '**UNKNOWN**'   TO #PARTNAME       
0250     REINPUT 'Part number not found.'        
0260 END-DECIDE                                  
0270 *                                           
0280 END-REPEAT                                  
0290 *                                           
0300 END                                         

I have used the Link3270 Bridge successfully in the past with other (non-NATURAL) applications that send partial screen updates. The problem in this case is that my bridge program never gets to see the partial screen update stream, because NATURAL refuses to send it.

I can’t see a way to try out your suggestion of issuing the REINPUT command without an error message - it appears to be a compulsory syntax element of the command.

I am going to investigate the tracing facilities of NATURAL to try to obtain more information about the error.

Thanks again for taking an interest in my problem,

Hi Greg;

What is interesting is how close your program is to a solution of your problem.

I once wrote some code almost identical to yours without a REINPUT.

0070 RP1. REPEAT
0080 *
0090 INPUT (AD=MT)
0100 “GREG1” /
0110 “Part Number:” #PARTNUMBER /
0120 “Part Name :” #PARTNAME
0130 *
0135 if #test = ‘a’
0136 reset #partnumber #partname #a
escape top
0170 WHEN #PARTNUMBER = ‘000001’
move ‘a’ to #test

0190 WHEN #PARTNUMBER = ‘000002’
move ‘a’ to #test
0210 WHEN #PARTNUMBER = ‘000003’
move ‘a’ to #test
0250 ** REINPUT ‘Part number not found.’
0270 *
0290 *
0300 END

I had an alpha field which was either blanks or said something like "here is the partname for the given partnumber " or the “partnumber you specified was not found”

I have not run the code above (no Natural on this computer). It may not work, but hopefully the intent is clear.

Hi Steve,
Q. Could the Natural terminal commands %RO- and %RO+ be helpful here?

Actually, the CICS 3270 Bridge docu recommends starting Natural with profile parameter DSC=OFF (i.e. set 3270 data-stream compression to OFF).
NB. The terminal command %RO- turns compression OFF. %RO+ turns it back ON.

Hi Greg & Peter;

The full text of 1132 is

Greg, I still do not have access to Natural. If memory serves you do not have to have a REINPUT message. Could you try this and see if it works?

Peter ,

I think you may be on to something. If compression is on, the original INPUT statement might have a space keeper for the message line not a full line indicator.

Greg, could you put a SET CONTROL ‘M12’ in your code and an error message for a REINPUT? M12 puts the message line on line 12.

This is a TP monitor issue. I believe that Peter was referring to

  • Natural for Mainframes 8.2.7
  • TP Monitor Interfaces
  • CICS 3270 Bridge Support

Greg, if you would like to access SAG documentation from within the Community, you can change your profile to include documentation as an “area of interest.” The procedure is found in the Tech Community Access to Documentation FAQs: Community+Access+to+Documentation+FAQs
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