Regular Java class and WM ServicedoThreadInvoke

Hi Experts,

I have an issue here please help.

I have a regular Java class (JavaClass) and two WM Java services(JavaService1 and JavaService2). JavaService1 and JavaService1 are two different services in the same class (package).

  1. JavaClass -> Context.invoke() -> JavaService1 = Success
    JavaService1 -> Service.doThreadInvoke() -> JavaService2 = Failed.

  2. JavaClass -> Context.invoke() -> JavaService2 = Success

Explanation and how to get around this, please.


What was the fail message that you received. And does work for you at all? Plus can you run JavaService2 directly from Developer? Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Thanks for the reply.
The error is in the data/logic and has been resolved.

Thanks again.

would you mind specifiying some of your steps for identifying and correcting your problem? just to keep solutions clear. Thank you. Good day.

Yemi Bedu