Registering SOAP Header Handler?

I have package and tried to create a java service same as present (headersample.HandlerSetup:registerHandler) in this package.

If I recompile registerHandler service that already exist in this package, it re compiles fine but when I copy same code to another service then recompilation:confused: gives following error,

cannot find symbol
symbol : class ProviderHandler
location: class makhaa.test.headerHandler
ProviderHandler providerHandler = new ProviderHandler();

It seems classpath issue? anyone guide me how to resolve please.


I am able to register soap header handler but facing an issue which is a provider service is not able to get header document. When I am trying to use header document at provider side, it is giving null value.

Consumer service is getting header values.

Anyone help please.


Could anybody successfully access/pass SOAP headers in request/response using SOAP header handlers? The documentation didnā€™t make much sense to me. I tried to play with the code by using the WmSOAPSamples package as reference, but it didnā€™t help either.