Registered soap preprocessor is unavailable if the server is restarted


Has anyone faced an issue with the registered soap preprocessor. I have a service registered as a custom soap proprocessor. Everytime the server is restarted I have to register the service again. Any idea as to why this might be happening?


Sure, custom soap processors must be registered each time the server is restarted just as custom content handlers.

Simply create a service that does only that and make a startup service for your package.

Edit startup services by right-clicking on the package name and choosing “Open” from the context menu.


I expected your reply and for someone who has been on webMethods for 6.5 years I had already implemented the work around proposed by you. But was just curious to know if this is a limitation on webM or a known issue or a bug. Whatever be the case I just want ot make sure that the work around remains in prod for sometime and if at any time weBM comes out with a patch or a solution for this then at that point this workaround needs to be removed.

Thanks for you reply though

It is neither a limitation nor a bug. The approach to register SOAP processors (and many other types of customizations) is the “as-designed” method and is not a “work-around.” At least that’s what’s implied by the SOAP Developer’s Guide 6.5 on page 73 under “Registering A SOAP Processor”

It goes on to note that the package with this startup service must list WmPublic as a dependency so that WmPublic loads before the custom package.

On 6.5 “for years?” It’s only been GA since May 2005. I guess 1 7/12 qualifies as “years” I suppose. :slight_smile:

Neither a workaround, a kludge nor a hack. This is the standard approach for registering custom soap processors, content handlers and other customizations. No reason to expect a change in this area.