Register web service


I have developed a flow service which the client will call using SOAP message protocol. I have also created a wsdl file for the web service and tested for its working with a web service connector.
I have provided the clients with the wsdl. But they are unable to access it. In webService Developement guide i read something like

�� Upload the WSDL document and files to a publicly accessible server.
�� Use a Web services registry to publish a URL that identifies the location of the WSDL document.

How do i achieve the above.

Immediate help on this is highly appreciable.

Thanks in advance.

The WSDL does not need to be accessible on some HTTP server to be useful. Most tools are able to read the WSDL from the file system to generate the code that will invoke one or more web service operations.

To host a WSDL in IS, you need to copy it to the \pub folder of your package or some subfolder such as \pub\wsdl. The static WSDL file would then be accessed in the same manner as any other static HTML or image file. To limit access to static files served by IS, create a .access file using information from the IS Administrator’s or IS Developer’s guide.

You did not identify the error that the service consumer was receiving, so the issue may not be related to inability to access the WSDL at all.


Thanks Mark.:slight_smile:
Its working.