Regarding wmSourceSafe

Hello All,

I am currently implementing wmVCS and integrating it with Visual Source Safe. I have followed the version control guide. Unfortunately i dont have the wmSourceSafe package.

Can anyone tell me where i can get this package? any links?

The menus for VCS have been enabled already, except its not connected to Visual Source Safe.

I would be grateful if anyone can help on this, on where i can get the package.



Hi Assad,

I am really intersted in knowing more about WmVCS package. I want to implement in my project.

can you please share some material/information with me which can guide me in implementing the WmVCS?

Thanks in Advance.

Mangat Rai

Hi Mangat,

You can check on Advantage for information about using WmVCS.
I’ve implemented VCS using subversion and it works reasonably well, however, with SVN, it doesn’t release the locks on a Revert and doesn’t check for locks on a CheckOut.

From memory, you need the VCS package and then you need to modify a setting in your server.cnf (change from full to vcs)


You will then need to configure VCS to use VSS or SVN/CVS etc.


Aditya Gollakota


You’ll need to download it from Advantage


Aditya Gollakota