Regarding the JDK version support for 6.1

Hi All,

It is recommended to use JDK1.4.2 version for webMethods 6.1, What effect we will have if we use JDK1.5?

What are the steps to be followed for using the JDK1.5?
(In our project we are intracting with webLogic 8.1 which is using JDK1.5)

The 1.5 JDK is not supported for webMethods 6.1 (or 6.5). I’ll leave it to Technical Services to define what that means if you have a problem.

Having said that, in our informal tests we’ve found that (1) certain things don’t work in 1.5, especially those having to do with encryption (i.e., SSL) and (2) on Windows platforms, the 1.5 JVM is substantially slower (when using default configuration parameters) than the 1.4 JVM. And to be clear, “substantially” here means “1/3 the speed”. (On Solaris, the 1.5 JVM is slightly faster than the 1.4 JVM in our tests.)

So my recommendation is, to quote Nancy Reagan, “just say no”.

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