Regarding Natural Code

Hello All,

Can you plz suggest me the Natural code of getting unused variable in any object.
Is there any userexit from where i can take help?
If you have any idea about code please suggest me or post the exact code sample.

Functions like this are available as part of   Natural Engineer’s code analysis capabilities

Hello swan,

with the Predict-addon you can do something similar. See “Variables in data area not referenced”…

 09:59:11            *****  P R E D I C T 4.6.1  *****               2012-06-15
 Library: SYSTEM           - Verify References  -        DBnr:    22 Fnr:    20

                    Code Function

                      D  Data areas not referenced
                      V  Variables in data area not referenced
                      U  Programs with unused data areas
                      C  Copycodes not referenced
                      N  Error numbers not referenced
                      P  Programs not referenced
                      I  Programs not impl./ref. starting from one

                Code: V        Save set: N (Y,N)
           Data area:          Data area type :   (?)
        Program type:   (?)

Command ==>
      Invp  GDAV  Quit  Sets  Rule  Copy  Xref  View  OSet  SPfk  Main  Exit


Similar, but it doesn’t identify variables defined inline rather than in data areas.

May try NatStyle delivered with NaturalOne.