how to find unused object and variable.

can any one tell me,

how to find unused object(subprogramme,subroutine,map,etc.) and unused variable in any programme also.??

is there any utility? will this be natural engineering?

and plz provide me the concept of natural engineering under CICS.

if possible then provide me the exact natural code.

you can do this using Predict (which is a natural add-on).

The regarding dialog looks like this:

 11:38:36            *****  P R E D I C T 4.6.1  *****               2011-05-09
 Library: MYLIB            - Verify References  -        DBnr:    11 Fnr:    22

                    Code Function

                      D  Data areas not referenced
                      V  Variables in data area not referenced
                      U  Programs with unused data areas
                      C  Copycodes not referenced
                      N  Error numbers not referenced
                      P  Programs not referenced
                      I  Programs not impl./ref. starting from one

                Code: ?        Save set: N (Y,N)
           Data area:          Data area type :   (?)
        Program type:   (?)

Command ==>
      Invp  GDAV  Quit  Sets  Rule  Copy  Xref  View  OSet  SPfk  Main  Exit


Hi Matthias,

When I opened the Predict Menu I am getting the below. I didn’t find the menu ‘Verify References’. If you could post the detailed path on how to traverse to that menu it will be helpful.

07:43:37 ***** P R E D I C T 4.6.1 ***** 2011-05-30
Plan 0 - Function Main Menu - Profile SYSTEM

   Documentation                      External objects                     
   A  Active retrieval                F  File implementation               
   M  Maintenance                     G  Generation                        
   R  Retrieval                       I  Incorporation                     
   X  List xref for 3GL               C  Comparison                        
                                      L  Administration                    
   DDA services                       Miscellaneous                        
   D  Defaults                        W  What is new ?                     
   S  Special functions               ?  Help system                       
                                      .  Leave Predict                     

Function …
Object type …* Menu type …* F

Thanks in advance

Actually, you access this Predict function fron Natural:

  1. List Xref
  2. A (Verify Application)
  3. R (Objects implemented but not referenced)

Hi andy15 Sivva!

What you did looks like


To get the Xref-Menu you have to go another way - like Peter Holmick said:

logon *YOURLIB*
l x

You also can find unused variables using the NatStyle utility in NaturalONE
best regards karlheinz