Regarding API for controlling Adapter connection threads


I want to control the connection threads in webMethods Adapters. Do I have any API in java provided by webMethods to control the threads that are created by webMethods.

In the project we have set only 20 threads between Siebel and webMethods. Now when the connection with Siebel is lost all the 20 threads as per our logic gets into the process of retrying it to disable and enable the connection . So we are trying to create a single ton object and make all the threads to access this object for retrying to disable and enable the connection . For this we want to know how to get control over these threads created by wM using Jave API.

Is there any other approach that can be better than this to handle mulithreaded connection problems

The issue is very urgent. Any kind of lead on this would be of great help.

Thanks in Advance.



What versions of IS, Sieble Adapter and Siebel CRM are you using? You can get information about adapter connections using services in the WmART package, but I would advise extreme caution if you attempt to use those to manipulate adapter connections.

Also, do you really need 20 connections from IS to Siebel? What are the min and max connection numbers for your adapter connection to Siebel?


Mark, We are using IS 6.1, Siebel Adapter 6.0 and Siebel 7.7 for this… Minimum connection no= 1 and max connection no = 10