Reg SOAP headers in provider wsd

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This query might have asked and discussed several times in this forum. But I am still not able to implement it successfully.


i have webservice provider (from wsdl) in IS having several SOAP headers in the request and response. the header document types are created when i create the wsd from wsdl. Now when the client send the request with soap headers in it, i am unable to access them on the service (WSDL operation) defined.
The service have only the body document as input/output parameters.

what i have tried after reading the webservice developer guide and this forum:

created handler service for req/resp/fault and registered the same
added the handler in the provider wsd
refresh the wsd

But i still not able to access the request headers and unable to send any soap header on the response.

what am i missing here ? i have the header documents already created when creating the wsd automatically, Do i need to add those header docs as input/output parameters for the service?

what should i implement on the handler service for assigning this headers?
do i need to add any service on the response handler to map the output headers?
what should be the value i should assign on the headerDocument on the inputHeaderBlock parameter on the addheaderblock handler service?

I m expecting some low level details as i have read this forum and several topics already which are all suggesting this steps.

wm version:9.10

Hello, Could you tell me how to do to execute this TASK :

"created handler service for req/resp/fault and registered the same

Creating web service handlers is explained in the web service developers guide document (9-10_Web_Services_Developers_Guide.pdf) on chapter 6 About Handlers and Handler Services

Hello Vishnuraj,

I wrote some time ago 2 blog posts on this topic. Maybe they can help you.