REG:How to pass the Values from the flow service to this DSP Page.

HI All,

I have attached the DSP page in this flow service, so here if i pass the values directly into this DSP page I can able to execute it, but Instead if I get the values from the flow service, I am unable to run this DSP Page and the values are not populating to this DSP Page.

So can someone help that how can we fetch the values i.e(0,40,76500,650) from a flow service for this DSP.

I need to pass the values as array , but this works if i pass like as given below directly, but how can i pass these data from my flow service to this place.

data[0] = new Array(“Product A”,0,40,76500,650);
data[1] = new Array(“Product B”,546300,436500,546500,332500);
data[2] = new Array(“Product C”,657600,564600,348600,436600);
data[3] = new Array(“Product D”,436500,765700,453900,326400);

Also attached my complete Code as well for your reference.
sample.html (5.99 KB)

Hi Jerry,

please check the DSP_and_Output_Template_Developers_Guide for your version for details.

It should contain a chapter (“Extracting Results from an Array Variable”) about this.