Refresh Parent form from Modal dialog box present in some other Portlet which is portlet included

Hi Experts,

I am facing challenge while refreshing parent form from a modal dialog box from some other Portlet which is included with Parent Form using portlet include .

The setup is something like this :

I am having Parent form where i have done a Portlet include of some other Portlet containing a Modal Dialog box which is in some other POrtlet Project. In the Modal dialog box i want to close this dialog only when the IS service returns success message and then go about refreshing the Parent Form . The modal dialog has a Submit button which is Async command button and this Async button has a listener registered( ActionComplete Listener). On completion of the execution of the Action of Async command button i am depending on server side variable to determine either to close modal dialog box or to keep it open which i acheived by toggling this modal dialog. Is there some way i could refresh the Parent form after successful execution of the button also ?

Kindly share your suggestions on this please .

Thank you.