Refresh Connections from JDBC Adapter

Hi -

This question pertains to the following webMethods products:

webMethods IS 6.0.1
JDBC Adapter 6.0.2

I have a “controlling” service that starts multiple instances of another service (“child”) as threads,then monitors the threads to ensure they are still running.

The child threads access serveral instances of a database (each instance has the same schema).

If the database that an individual child is connected to goes down, the child ends with an exception that says
“(08S01/0) [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Broken pipe (errno:32)”

The controller sees that the child is down, and attempts to re-start it (after waiting for a couple of minutes).

Even after the database that the child connects to is back up and running, the child continues to throw the same error. It is like the child is using the same connection object that failed previously, instead of obtaining a new connection from the JDBC adapter.

The only way I can get things working again is to shutdown the controller (which in turn shuts down all the child threads), then start it back up.

Does anyone know a way I can force the child to discard it’s old non-functional connection and request a new one from the adapter?

Any help would be greatly appeciated!

Garret Trask
Johns Manville

At the suggestion of a poster on the advantage site, I re-tried this using IS version 6.1 with JDBC adapter version 6.0.3 and this solved the problem.

I posted that last one a bit early…the problem is still occurring, but it is sporadic now. Appears to vary depending on how the connection to the database is lost.

I am going to open a ticket with webM.