Referenced processes look failed in the parent process

Hi all,

I started last week creating a new process and I tried to make use of the dynamic referenced processes functionality.

Seems to be working good.

However there are some, let’s call them inconsistencies.

One that is bugging me is reproducible by the next scenario.

  1. I have one parent process instance that will spawn 2 child process instances.

  2. Based on some business value I fail one of the child processes

  3. The statuses are:
    Parent process - STARTED - OK (because I specified that the parent should wait for the child completion)
    1st child - COMPLETED - OK
    2nd child - FAILED - OK (I failed it on purpose)

  4. Look at the parent process steps

  5. Within the steps, the step (Call Activity step) that spawns the 2 children appears 2 time (both times failed).

I do not understand why is this the case, because only one child is actually failed. The other one is completed.

Is this a webMethods bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.

Hi Vlad,

Is it possible to share the processes?



I will try to create some samples and send them.

I cannot send the processes as they are.

However I did nothing out of the ordinary with them.

Thank you.