referenced assets are missing from repository

Trying to do an “asset” installation on a target IS from the AssetRepository on Command Central. I am getting an error saying…

Message [ Type: ERROR, Text: [OperationMessages.0091] Following referenced assets are missing from repository : [IS:ISPackage.WmFIN

I can see these packages on the IS (inside the packages folder).

Do I need to take any additional steps (set some variables) to get this working ? Or do I need to add these packages also to my CC AssetRepository ?

forgot to mention …I am using CC version 10.1

Yes, the repository must contain all assets that are referenced as dependencies.

I’m sorry to say, but the current asset deployment capability from CC that you’re trying is going to be dropped from 10.5 (October 2019) release. It is ‘beta’ functionality, not supported in production.
This was an attempt to re-use existing push model architecture and enhance with better usability, but there is a lot of conceptual issues of the underlying SPI which prevents us from achieving proper end-to-end usability and use cases.

At the moment, the only viable option is to use classic Deployer tool.

Moving forward, we’ll be investing into the pull-based deployment model. This model is currently enabled within Integration Cloud, Cloud Deployment feature ( and is not offered on-prem yet.


Hi Sergei,

Thanks for the prompt response. Good that you pointed out that the feature is going to be dropped from 10.5 as we were planning to deploy CC into our environments (as I had seen some documentation which mentioned more and more features will be migrated into CC).

Can I ask your views on

  1. If CC will cannot be used for asset deployment, what other feature do you think will want us to deploy that into our PROD environment?
  2. Is it possible to get a 2 yr / 5 yr roadmap of the product suite so that we can align our strategy in line with that.

Please let me know if this is something that I should be asking the support team to comment, if yes, I will get my folks to raise a case with support.

In the interim, I believe, we will be stuck with using Deployer for all our deployment. Is there any good documentation that will help me automate the deployment with deployer (I am new to this software stack) that you can point me to?

Hi Rajesh,

please try GitHub - SoftwareAG/sagdevops-ci-assets: Software AG DevOps library to support assets CI (continuous integration) with webMethods 9.x and 10.0. Work together with
with the classic deployer.

You can check how to set it up here - Demo: Continuous Integration with webMethods - YouTube

Please keep in mind that you have to adjust the ant path for the new versions, as the repo is created for 9.x.