Redirect to login page after session timeout

hi All,

I am facing an issue in redirecting user to login page after session time out.

Currently, we have a task package which has more than 1 task view portlet. In web.xml which is present in portal.war/WEB-INF, we specified the session timeout to 30 minutes.

If user follows below sequence:

  1. Log in to application
  2. Landed on portlet of the above mentioned task package.
  3. session exprired (user is on the same page idle for 30 minutes)
  4. now user clicked on a button present in the portlet.

In this instance, it is redirecting to user login page by default. (This is required for us)

We created second task pacakge now, and when user’s session is expired when user is present on the portlets of second task pacakge, control is not by default going to login page. Instead, it is trying to load the same page again.

In my application, portlets of both the task packages are using the same shell and no java scripts are present (in shell or in any other portet) to redirect user to login page.

Could you please suggest if I am missing anything in my second task package, because of which control is not automatically getting redirected to login page on requests coming after session timeout?

Thanks in advance,
Raja sekhar Kintali

There isn’t anything obvious that I can think of to recommend. In order to debug this, i would set the MWS timeout to a fairly small value (1 minute) and create a simple 3rd task application (with no modifications) and see which pattern it follows.

Based on those results, you might get some clues about where to look in your second application.


Hi Raj

Could you please let me lnow the procedure , how can i redirect to login page after session time out

thank you