Redirect to a "Relogin" Page once the Session Expi

Hi All

Has anybody tried to redirect to a Relogin page when the Session gets expired…Do we have a solution where in we dont wish to make change in all portlets which are already deployed…Some thing like adding an extra tag in the web.xml of portal.war of the deploy folder to redirect globally…

MWS can’t tell the difference between a request from a user who has
logged out and a request from a user whose session has timed out, so
there’s no way to do that. You could, however, add a custom portlet to
the shell containing some javascript which would automatically navigate
to some custom mws page when it calculates that the user’s session will
have timed out:

var waitForSessionTimout;

function navigateAwayWhenSessionTimesout() {
// clear existing timer
if (waitForSessionTimeout)
// wait for 31 minutes
waitForSessionTimeout = setTimeout(function() {
// display custom session-timeout page
document.location.href = “/my-session-timeout-page”;
}, 31 * 60 * 1000); // 31 minutes
// start timer

// re-start timer if an ajax request is made
onComplete: function() {
// re-start waiting from now

See for docs
on the javascript setTimeout() function, and for docs on prototype’s

(Credit goes to Justin for this response)