Redirect after login

We have a new situation we would like to see solved.

There’s an external application (to webMethods) that has to present a link to a page.

The link is something like this: http://wm713-0:8585/myws.pages.startflowtask?wmp7956.action=forward&wmp7956.reloadData=true&wmp7956.taskID=8264&wmp_rt=render&wmp_tc=7940

The URL part that says “&wmp_rt=render&wmp_tc=7940” is the part that I don’t know what is for. Is there someone that can help?

Besides the url part that I don’t understand, the main problem is that, if the user is not logged in to MWS clicks on the link, he is presented with the login page, and after he enters the some valid credentials, MWS does not redirects to the correct page.

Can someone help with this one?

The login page that you’re using (whether a custom one or the default one) will have a login portlet on it. That login portlet has a property called: ‘allowRequestOverride’. If you set that property to true, the original requested URL should be honored.

Let me know how it goes. There are numerous different login scenarios and each one can be controlled slightly differently. For instance, NTLM has different characteristics then Forms-based auth.


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