Recursive occurance of a java object

Hello All,

I am pretty new to webmethods. I have a web services implementation with WSDL and trying to migrate to web methods platform. I am facing problem in mapping the java object type to web methods document type.


the “web services call” has a following method -

createsubsystem( Service mServiceObject)

the Service Object looks like following –

class Service

If service and subservice are of the same type, why would you consider the recursive expansion to a problem? How would you like to expansion to occur as? You may want to specify a second document type that is also a service but does not contain a subservice if that is what you want:

-field1 (type field)
-field2 (type field)
-Subservice (type Service2)

-field1 (type field)
-field2 (type field)

That will not cause recursive expansion to be seen. Is that what you are trying to achieve? Good day.

Yemi Bedu