Recover compiled code?


I’m running Natural for Windows 4.1.2 on Windows 2000.

Yesterday I inadvertantly lost a copycode module by re-naming a sub-program to the name of the copycode module. No warning from Natural - thanks guys! :evil:

Is there a way I can uncompile the subprogram that contains the copycode?


Are you sure you have lost the copycode? Isn’t there a file .nsc on the file system?

If not, you should restore the file from the backup you have made regularly :oops: and import it again.

You don’t have a backup? Then don’t thank the guys that have created the development environment, thank yourself!

BTW: Natural 6.1.1 PL21 on WinXP asks by default: “Are you sure you want to replace Copycode ‘MODULE’ in library LIB ?”

But if you uncheck “Tools > Options > Workspace > Display replace messages”, Natural won’t ask…