recordToDocument and String Table

I’m working on a project that uses Enterprise and B2B. I’m trying to handle a situation where an Enterprise event has a multi-dimension sequence. For example, int[][] unitCosts.

Using the B2B Admin tool to generate a record and a service, the resulting record definition uses a a String Table for unitCosts. So far, so good.

Using recordToDocument results in something like the following(using [ and ] to avoid any potential interpretation errors on the angle brackets)

[?xml version=“1.0”]
[aString]some string[/aString]

This is clearly a Bad Thing (and a result of a simple object.toString() call). Anyone have a work-around? Is this just a bug in recordToDocument? Does this work in versions later than 4.0.1 which I’m using?

Also, it seems that multi-dimension sequences with more than 2 dimensions are not supported by B2B constructs at all. Any ideas?


Just as a note, using < and > inside of the forums is completely safe. We designed the forums to handle html and xml examples since we figured this kind of thing would crop up on occasion.

So please feel free to embed and tags to your hearts content.

Joe H.


I’m working on a project and we need to convert a record list into a XML document. I’m using the recordToDocument service and it happens that I cannot convert the record into this xml. I only see the header (as needed by our customer, but I can see neither the tag names nor their values. Can you tell me how to do it, please?