Recording: webMethods virtual meetup – Next Generation Integration



View the recording from the first meetup of webMethods User Group North America, organized by the Minneapolis webMethods user group.

A jam-packed session with exciting topics, including the next generation of webMethods and how to jump-start your journey with


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With the recent announcement of
Longer support for webMethods 10.15, are the mentioned planned timelines for Project Origin / webMethods 11 impacted?

Hi Dave.

The delivery of some wM 11 products will be impacted and not released this year (because of the reasons mentioned in the “long support…” link.
wM 11 uses de-coupled product releases, therefore the products that are not impacted will be released in the 2nd half of this year.


Hi @Dave_Laycock1
I asked for a list of impacted products, and got the response “Most of the impact is on MWS, so BPMS as well as products which have UI on MWS like TN, Broker and Optimize”


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