Recommended Location to put JAR files or API in wM 60

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What is the standard practice or recommended location to place extra JAR files or API?

Is there any documentation or user guide that specify the location to put the files? In webMethods 4.6, usually I will put the JAR or API in the <wm>\IS\lib\jars dir. However, during the migration process, I encountered that the same java service in wM 6 is not working by placing the API in the <wm6>\IS\lib\jars dir. So, after few rounds of testing, the code is working when the API is being placed in <wm6>\IntegrationServer\jvm\lib\ext.

However, all this workaround that I have done might not be a good practice. So, I would like webMethods to recommend the path for me to place the API. Is it a recommended way to place the jar in package?

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Ong Lay Yong
MCM Consulting (Malaysia)

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Ong Lay Yong

I would definately not put in jvm\lib\ext

You would effectively midfy the way the classes are loaded- this can have unpleasent result at runtime- which may not be evident initially

I am not sure why u are facing teh problem - we have placed the jar files in IntegrationServer\lib\jars
and it works…