Recommended E2E testing framework


I am looking to implement end-to-end testing on an application I have built using C8Y CLI v. 1016.0.324 and wanted some recommendation for a framework to use.

I was hoping to use Cypress but it appears they only offer support for Node 18 and 20, while I am using 16.13.0.


Hi Lucas,

Cypress is also used internally for testing purposes.
There is even a package available that can be used for some common things to test: GitHub - SoftwareAG/cumulocity-cypress: Collection of commands and utilities to be used for automating tests for Cumulocity with Cypress.

Regarding the required nodejs version:
The latest cypress version requires nodejs >= 18. If you stick with an slightly older version e.g. 13.1.0 (2 month old) you should also be fine with nodejs 16.