How to setup component testing in CY8 CLI

This is a follow-up to my last post concerning installing Cypress in an C8Y project.

I have installed an earlier version of Cypress and can run end-to-end tests in my application. Now, I want to move on to component testing.

However, when I open the Cypress window with the cypress open command, then select the option to configure component testing, it asks me to select from a list of front-end frameworks.

Naturally, I selected Angular, but on the next page they ask me to install some of the core packages for vanilla angular that I know I can’t use when developing with the C8Y CLI.

What are the specific steps needed to set up component testing in Cumulocity?

Hi Lucas,

Cypress component testing does currently not really work with Cumulocity WebSDK projects based on @c8y/cli. There may be some workaround by introducing an angular.json file into your project, but this is nothing that we support/give you guidelines for.

We are currently working on deprecating the @c8y/cli and switching/extending the angular cli. Once this is done, component testing should be possible just like with a standard angular project.


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Thank you, Tristan.

Is there a timeline for when this new version of the Angular CLI will be released?