Receiving sending IDOC Status reporting Problem


When webmethods got IDoc, I want to sending report to SAP R/3 System. How can SAP system know about Webmethods already got IDOC.

Because in my scenario, SAP System have to know the status of IDOC reach Webmethods or not before SAP system can continue processing.

You can build a Status IDOC in webMethods and trigger the OutboundProcess back to SAP. These steps can be included in the service, which is triggered by the Routing Rule, whenever the SAP R3 sends the IDOC to webMethods.

The message type STATUS must be defined in the partner profile in the Inbound parameters.

Hope this helps.
Bhavani Shankar.

Hi Bhavani Shankar,

Thank for quickly response. I’m a new on Webmethods. So, how can i build STATUS IDOC. Is it standard IDOC or custom IDOC? Can i create post-processing service that will be triggered in Routing Rule ?

I read the SAP-Adapter User guide, It told that i can update Status via SYSTAT01 IDoc. Is it better than manual creating service by ourself?

I have no experience in this. What is the Best Practice for this scenario ?

Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you very much for your information. :slight_smile: