Receiving mixed content

I want to receive the mixed content from internal system and forward it to another internal system. First portion of the content is mime and next portion of the content is xml.

For http option:

  1. if the first step is xmlNodeToDocument, then if I log the input to file system, I am only seeing “<?xml version="1.0"?>”
  2. If I just log the node that is received, I am getting “Empty Content”
  3. If the first step is bytesToString and log, then output “Status code = 403” is returned to the client.
  4. If I just receive in $xmldata and log it, again I am seeing “Empty Content”.
    I want to see the complete content that is sent from our internal client to wM.

a. What are the various options that I can try?
b. Can I disable content type handling and directly receive what client is sending and log to file system?