Receiving invalid xml data at webMethods 7.1


We have a requirement for transferring data from wM 6.1 to wM 7.1.
We are using pub.client.Http service to transfer an xml from wM 6.1 to wM 7.1, data is transferred in bytes from wM 6.1.

But when the data is arrving at wM 7.1 the xml is broken.

Below is the pipeline data at wM 7.1.


As defined at wM 7.1 Developer there is a variable by name ´´fileName´´ for which the value is Test2008

There is also a variable by name ´´xmldata´´ for which the pipeline data should look like this

[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]<?xml version "1.0"?>

But its showing the value in variable name,

[FONT=Arial] “1.0”?>

[/COLOR]Please also find the attached screenshot.

Could any one explain us the reason for this behaviour at wM 7.1