Receiving and processing emails

i have the following problem using SAP BC 4.6:
I’ve configured an email port. Fetching of the emails is working.
But the service to be started does not work.
I stripped down the service til one step “SavePipelineToFile” to see, what data I get, but in the server.log I only get an error, that the service could not be started.
I think, I’ve missed something important.

Any Idea, Hint, … ?


Make sure you have the service name in the subject line and the XML message should be an attachment with the email!!
Should work!!

The XML is an attachement. Has it to have an certain MIME-Type? In the mails I get it has application/octet-stream.

In the subject I don’t have the service, but I have set it in the email-port as global service.
Should that work too?

Does the flow service need an certain input variable?

Thanks for your help.


ServiceName should be populated in the subject line,its better to check with this scenario also even though you are setting in global service field in admin page,

and ofcourse it expects content-type as “application/xml” or “text/xml”

Pls try with this.