Receive IDOC From SAP

Hi Friends,
I am very new to Webmethods world, i am with SAP ABAP & XI Expereince, i am working on a scenarion where SAP push the Idoc through HTTP port and RFC destinatiion type G, i am able to send the IDoc successfully out of SAP , now i need to receive it in webmethods server.
what i need to do…

  1. Do we need to configure any Adapter in webmethods?
  2. Flow service…

Appreciate if anyone can give me some links or documents to do this .

Thanks in advance.

The SAP Adapter, which acts as an RFC client and RFC server for ALE purposes, would need to be installed and configured.

If you are on 6.x, you will be using services to call BAPI and translate IDOC.

If you are on 7.1, you will be configuring Adapter services and adapter notifications for same.

Look on the Advantage ( website under the Bookshelf for the SAP adapter documentation.