Receive an EDI file through Email

I want to receive an EDIFACT file (plain text) as an email attachment, retrieve it through a POP3 port of the integration server and pass it over to a service starting with the “envelopeProcess” service of the webMethods EDI Adapter.

The email is picked up by the integration server but isn’t processed within the invoked service. The EnvelopeProcess requires string or stream data as input. What service can I use to convert the email attachment and pass it to the EnvelopeProcess?

Any hints or tips are greatly appreciated.

The Service input you must use will be
edibyteArray or ediByteArray.

Then invoke built in service bytesToString
and finally map the string to envelopeProcess service and play with that…


The Service Input parameters that you have to use:

edidata (String)
ediByteArray (Object)

And debug the pipeline using savepipeline
and restorepipeline,so that you can catch the clue.