Reading xml message from HTTP post in 8.0


I have a flow service in wM which is being called by other application to post xml message via HTTP.

I have the following input to receive the same:

stream (object type)
contentStream (object type)
node (object type)

The Cotent-Type has been set to various values like:


but for all the above scenarios we are receiving the payload in the the below format which I am unable to process it further.

contentStream {java.lang.String} = ‘’

every attempt to convert it to byte or string using the built-in services is resulting to the following error :

java.lang.String cannot be cast to

We are getting the above for each of the 3 Content-Type we have tried.

Please help me understand what needs to be done to convert the xml stream (if at all I can say so…) to string.

If you are receving streams then Try with InputStream(object type) and then do the stream to string conversion:

Have the caller specify the content-type as text/xml

That should engage the proper content handler in IS and will pass a node object to your service.