Reading XML files in AIX from webMethods Win2KPro via Samba

Appreciate your experience here.

We have a web application (running in our AIX Box) that will generate
Load Tender XMLs (to be converted to EDI 204 in webMethods).
The web application will generate the XMLs in an AIX folder.

We use Samba to expose the AIX folder to our webMethods I.S. Win 2K Pro box so that the Win2K Box and webMethods I.S. can access the
XML files in the AIX folder from a Window environment.

I try the PSUtilities -> file -> listFiles flow service to list all the files in the AIX folder and always have the error

“ The specified network password is not correct”

Any thoughts ! Thanks in advance


Hi Stephen

From the error message it seems that the user account you are running webMethods under doesn’t have sufficient privileges to access the file system on the AIX box.
Check which user account is your IS running under and then check the file access privileges for the required directory on AIX.
By the way, AIX is notorious for being paranoid when it comes about security …

Good luck!

Hido Hasimbegovic
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