Reading Word document Using Java Service

How can i read Word document using java service?

Using POI imports how can we add jars to classpath and configure to webMethods.


you can add the lib POI in the “code/lib” of your package and reload the package. The it depend on your webMethods Version and if you are using the Developper or Designer.

If your are using the Developper you can import the different JAVA Classes that you need to use and implement your service.

If your are using the Designer you must add Apache POI Lib in the lib folder of the java project. more clear add the jars in Classpath of the Java Project that it have the same name like the Packages.

If you need a sample package, I can provide it to you.

Hopes it will help you.

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ismael, thanks for your response… I will try with your solution. Pls send me the sample package. i will use it if it doesn’t workout for me.