Reading Messages from MSMQ Queue

Hello All,

We are using IS 6.0.1 with SP1. We have MSMQ adapter to read the messages from the queue. We have scheduled a service to read the messages from the queue. The service reads the messages from the queue for a while and after that it has stopped getting the messages, although I can see that the messages are lying in the queue.

Has anybody experienced similar problem or any clue in this regard is appreciated.


Hi Pankaj

We faced this issue with MQ Adapter 3.0 in IS 4.6 when we use the
schedular with getMessage handler. So we chnaged it to MQlister instead
of using the getMessage handler with schedular and it worked…


Hi Shibu,

Can you please tell me exactly what you did. Is it MQLister or MQListner?
If it is listener how do you make sure the message is not lost if the server goes down before the message is processed?

Waiting for your quick reply.

Hi ,
I am facing a similar problem.could you please help me too abt this.
The thing is when I configure a listener on Websphere MQ adapter 3.0 the message service is triggered but it get an empty message and the message is deleted from the queue.It worked fine with Adapter 2.2.Can you also tell me what should be the input parameter for the service which is triggered…
Thanks in advance,


The Websphere MQ Adapter user guide discusses the input requirements for message handlers. My current client is using listen operations and version 3.0 of the MQ adapter with IS 4.6.

How did you create your message handler service? Did you generate it from the IS Admin utility?


Hi Mark,
Thnx so much 4 the reply.ya I got the parameters , its working grt now.
thnx again.