Read/only role for IS console access


Is there any way to set a role to users, for them to access the IS console only in Read/Only mode ?

I’ve tried with creating such a user who belongs to the MonitorUser group only, but when he’s logging, access to the console is denied…

Yes its possible. Check the thread below for high-level steps.

Thanks, but reading your link, it seems to be for a “no user/pwd” usage.
I need the users logging with their user/pwd.

Yes, In my previous project we had created a package with “” on the similar lines as mentioned in the thread it will just have read access to all the menus on IS.

If you need to have a user login with read access we have to customize the code (.dsp) and create wrappers by copying them from WmRoot. Let me check if I find anything for you.

Thanks. I’m going to think and discuss about your question and then, come back to you after.

After discussing with my collaborator, yes, we actually will need a user login access for the read-only mode.
So I’m very interested, if you could find anything about this need.


Its possible to have user login to have only read access to IS. This can be done as below:

  • the .access files in the /pub folder.
  • the ACL set on the services in the packages.

Create a group say ISReadOnlyGroup and put all developer users under this group.

Create ACL ISReadOnlyACL and put the group ISReadOnlyGroup in the ACL

Edit the .access file in the /pub folder like below:

webMethods.js.txt Anonymous
webMethods.css Anonymous

  • ISReadOnlyACL

Set the Execute ACL as (ISReadOnlyACL) to all the wrapper services in the package or to the parent folder in your package.

Please make sure to check all the menus and sub-menu items on IS have read access before rolling out the package on other environments and also make sure if the developer users have developer privileges.

Feel free to contact me on email if you have further questions.

Thanks, for your procedure.
For the .access file(s) to edit, that concerns which /pub folder(s) please ? (WmRoot or others ?)

Do not edit anything in WmRoot package please.

Create a Package ISReadOnly
Create a Top Level Folder as ISReadOnly
Copy all the Files under WmRoot/Pub into ISReadOnly/Pub folder

You may email me I can share you the sample copy which I had created it for v8.2.

This does not seem to work as it does not list all the packages on PackageManagement. Top level folder has the above process. Can you update on how do we list all the packages when the Pub ( access ) is to Anonymous

can you please send me the readonly package

Which version you are looking this for?

I need also too if you sending, thanks.

We have similar features planned for 10.7 and higher.