Read Only Access for Developer

Can we have something like Read Only Access for Developer?
What I meant is the the user can login to Developer, can view all the packages, flow services etc but will not able to lock anything, hence cannot be able to modify any code.

How can I do that?

Appreciate you help.

You can disable service locking. There is a property for doing that, but I don’t recall its name. The Administrator’s Guide should list it.

You can also make the files read-only at the OS level, though that makes deployments a bit more involved.

Thanks for your response.
Can anyone provide a detailed solution ( like any step by step approach). it will be very helpful.

You could also apply a specific Write ACL to your existing components and then make sure your Read Only Developers do not belong to that ACL. This wouldn’t prevent them from creating new packages and etc.

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Not sure if you already got an answer for your query.

As such webMethods doesn’t have out of the box read only access to developer functionality. However we have implemented in a rather laborious way.

  1. Under Packages>>Management>>Browse Folders
    Change all the custom package Write ACL to “Administrators”
  2. Now go to User Management >> ACL’s and add the group in Developer ACL

However every time when code gets deployed we need to check all the folders.

Note : 1) Make sure that user group is not under Administrator ACL.
2) Before making any changes take the screenshot of all the folders ACL’s
3) Make sure you don’t change the ACL’s of any Wm core packages.

I hope this helps…