Read cookie from Header in http post

I have to read a cookie from header in http post. the problem is when i try to see the contents in the node all i see is the body. Can any one please help me in retrieving the header and read the cookie.


The data you need will be in transportInfo/http/requestHdrs

Thank you…it helped me a lot.

Is there any specific hearder node that will carry the cookie.

I think each cookie is uniquely named. You can insert a pub.flow:tracePipeline call after the getTransportInfo call to see what headers are present in the post.


hi some more help on cookie would be appreciated. I set a cookie say name=vivek. I called a service and placed getTransportInfo call.I can See Cookie=ssnid=21c+TZ|+XW|5uszZfeqD9kRQPDkU=5500-86.
Please help how can i retrieve information back

Is the cookie encrypted? If not, then how are you setting the cookie=‘vivek’.

This is how I am setting the cookie.

Cookie=test inside headers of pub.client.http.