read cookies in others library

Hi all,

I can create and read the cookies in one library as follow:
Create Cookies:

Read Cookies:

Now, i have two web libraries(A and B) and i like to create the cookies in library A, and then redirect web site in library B and read the cookies in library B. The problem is the cookies read in library B blank. My question:

  1. can cookies read in different libraries?
  2. i cant find the cookies created in the server nor client. where the cookies store actually?


1st assumption is, that both urls for the different libraries are located at the same server

The cookie handing is the standard handling - this means the cookies are saved at client (browser) side.

You can setup a additional path parameter to change the behaviour of the browser delivering your cookies.

See also:

I had add the parameter path, and it work!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Thank you very much, Eric!!