re-receive sap idoc, but from integration server, not from sap

Hi all,

I have a working connection with SAP. I have received an idoc, no problem there.
However, in sap the idoc is no longer available, so it is not possible to resend the idoc to test further.

Is there some way I can re-receive (or something like that) an idoc that I can see in my transactions as ‘confirmed’? So somewhere in the integration server so I can skip the sap-part?

Thanks in advance,

AFAIK, I don’t think it’s possible.

Hi Karin,

Once we receive the IDOC from SAP to IS, we can see the IDOC in SAP Transactions page, It will have tid.

if we have not purged those transactions, then it will be available in the SAP Adapter->Transacations page.

From Designer-> create the new service with input tid.
In the service invoke the following service (map the tid) conforms to provide the namespace of IDOC IS doc)
and then your invoke service which require this Idoc data.

Whenever you run this service with required tid, your IDoc will get retrieved from transaction store and based on tid provided and it get posted to your service which needs this IDoc for your testing.

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