Re-Publishing BLOB (Event Data) to webMethods

Hi All:

My custom java client subscribes the specified Broker Events. I have converted Broker Events to Binary Array Data using webMethods API. Then I inserted this Binary Array Data into Oracle Database as BLOB using setBinaryStream.

In order to Re-Publish certain events I have retreived the BLOB using getBLOB. I also used an input stream to read data from the table using blob.getBinaryStream.

Does any one has done something similar or have any suggestions please.

Thanks in advance.

I did the same.
I’ve an ILA that converts the event in its binary rappresentation (toBinData) and then I put it on a blob Oracle field.

When I want to replublish it I read it from the blob and the I call the fromBinData method.

I’m using Oracle, so to insert the data on a blob stream using Oracle JDBC API, I used :


prstmt= conn.prepareStatement(“UPDATE EAI_DBSCARTI SET EAI_EVENT= ? WHERE EAI_ID= ?”);


That’s all.