Radio button and Pagination

I’m working on MWS 7.1.3.
I’ve an async table and a radio box for each row with the same id assuming them to belong to same radio box group.
Async table shows 10 rows at a time.
The problem i’m facing is that if i select the radio box in the first page, click on next and try selecting another radio box and if i click on previous then the radio box i checked previously is also selected.

Does any one have a solution to this.
Remoing the pagination is not acceptable for my client.
Any solution involving script would be preferable.

Can you clarify something please?

Does each page of the table use the same id’s for the radio group? If so, there isn’t much of a workaround.

(Asking in a different way) On page one, you have a radio group with an id of r1. On page two, does the first row have a radio group with an id of r1?