Rabbit MQ integration to webMethids IS

Hi Team,

I am trying to do POC on Rabbit MQ in webMethods integration server. Could you please let me know how to connect and the connection parameters please? anyone worked on it?

Thank you
Surya RK

I am not sure if RabbitMQ is supported by SAG, review the IS administration guide for more details.

For your POC, refer the link RabbitMQ Message Broker Integration with webMethods

Let me know how you go, I have used RabbitMQ on other ESB tools.

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Thank you for the answer.

Can we use it for replacing broker?

I Am facing issue with the jars. Unable to successfully import/load the jar files. I tried adding jars in package lib and integration lib folder and restarted the server also but still am not able to resolve the error in java service. could you please help by telling how to add jars?