1)If the connection pools is connected to data base (ie two connections and two data bases)one pool maintain min connection pool size is ‘0’ and other one is ‘5’ .If process 10 doc to both database what will happen in both connections?
2)In sequenceFlow step(success)
Flow Service(success or failure)
Sequence flow step(failure)
sequence flow step(don)
Here flow service will be success what happen and if failure then what happen?
3)In validating of ‘xml’ what are steps required ?

  1. For JDBC Connection, pool is specific to Connections.

when 10 requests hit connection 1(Where min pool is 0) concurrently, it will add X number of connections to pool(X= Pool Increment Size set in ur connection). If X >=10 then all your resuests will get processed.

If X<10 then next check is if Max Pool>=10, if so,next (10-X)%10 number of connections will be added.

If max pool <10 , based on your setting of Block Timeout (msec) it depends whether your transactions are going to fail without getting a connection or wait for a connection to be available or freed up in the pool.

Second connection follows same logic only exception is it will start with 5 Transactions. then will go through above process.


The generally accepted practice, and one recommended by wM, is to always set minimum connections to 0.