Question regarding Files

Hello, excuse my ignorance. Can anyone please advise if there is a facility in Integration Server that will do the following?

  • Poll a directory for files
  • Read the files from the directory


Dear Victor

You can use the built in ftp services to read the files from the directory ( assuming ur system has ftp access ) .Once these services are built you can schedule them to run a particular time interval you can poll the directory for files .



There are 2 options:

1)Make use of WmPublic client folder ftp services(located in pub.client.ftp)location. OR

2)Use filepollingport functionality that comes with IS6.x verision.Basically you have to configure the filepolling port in the ISAdminConsole/ports section and specity the directory for files from where it should poll the files on specified interval and working directorty/complete/error directories in case of errors etc…