Question regarding AppendToDocumentList

Hi all,
I am facing a problem in appending a document to a document list.

I have to append a document to a document list which is inside a document. (i.e) my target document list is inside a document.

This process is in a loop (i.e) ill form the source document inside a loop and append everytime to the target document list. But i am not able to do this.

When the loop executes for the second time my target document gets overwritten… Its not appended…

Can anybody help me out on this!

Thanks in advance.:happy:


Loop over source document
Map: MAP source document to TEMP document(define temp doc)
Map your target document list in input to “To List”;
Map your temp document to “from item”
drop your temp document

hi shahid…
i got it now! the mistake i did was, i didn’t drop the temp doc…
thank u so much…