question on migrate from 7.1.2 to 8.2

We plan to do a side by side migration, my problem is: our current broker (that comes with 7.1.2) is on the default port 6849, and IS 7.1.2 is communicating with Broker on 6849.

Now if I install 8.2 side by side, I will have to run the new broker on a separate port, say 6949, and new IS communicates with the new broker on 6949.

That is fine except that all of applications that are talking to the broker (for pub and sub) use the server name, hence the default port of 6849, if I leave the 8.2 broker running on 6949, then I need to change quite a few scripts to use “servername:6949”, instead of just server name.

I know I can change the new broker’s config file so that new broker can run on 6849 once I stop the old broker running, but how do I change the 8.2 IS to talk to the new broker which is now running on 6849 instead of 6949 as was in the side by side installation? This way, I can leave all production scripts as is.

Is there a config file in IS that I can just change the port that IS is talking to?

Thanks in advance.

Never mind, silly me, it is in IS’s management: under the setting/messaging/broker setting/edit broker setting

you got it :slight_smile: